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What does branding look like?

When ordering Packed with Purpose gifts, you have the option to personalize the experience with your company logo. 

Branding on the Gift Box and/or Message Card

Add a high quality, color printed logo to each personalized message card, great for showcasing your company brand. Or add your logo to the gift box to ensure your gifts stand out from the crowd.

If you're interested, start your order and make sure to submit a JPEG or PNG file of your logo with your order.

Branding on the Gift Message Card ($3-$5 per gift)

Branding on the Gift Box ($3-5 per gift)


Branding on Impactful Products

For larger orders with more lead time, you may also consider branding a product in the gift with your company logo. Check out options for custom branding on impactful products here. Our purpose-driven gifts positively impact communities while also showcasing your company's values.

Order minimums and lead times vary by product, but typically start at 50-100 gifts. For all branded product orders, our Gift Concierge team would be delighted to assist you.